About Me

I’m the author of novels Two for Joy and To Have and to Hold  and blog A Life More Ordinary.  Other than writing, I spend my time looking after my daughters, who are 11 and 5, readAuthor photo 2ing, cooking, eating, exploring London (and further afield whenever I get the chance), and working with my children to try and live a more eco-friendly life – all Two For Joyof which topics come up fairly often in my blog and on my website.

I was born
and brought up in Liverpool, went to university in Oxford where I read English Language and Literature, and now live in Walthamstow, East London with my husband, daughters and cat.

I hope you enjoy browsing round -do let me know if you have any feedback or ideas for content


  1. Hi there, just stumbled on your blog by a succession of web browsing twists & turns – and I’m delighted! I love your posts, your graphics and your book sounds fab. Massive congrats on the publication…you must be floating on cloud nine now (with a sore hand from all that signing and hopefully a sore head from lots of celebratory champagne?!) :-)

    I also read English at Oxford and am a fellow bibliophile…I’ve signed up for your email alerts so look forward to reading more of your posts and to reading your book…


    • Thank you – so glad you’ve enjoyed the blog. I did have a fab launch day (and, in fact, weekend) so Monday morning did come as a bit of a shock today!


  2. Hi Helen, Good luck with the book. I used to work with your Mum, so made sure I purchased a couple of copies for the library service. Just started reading it. Already an interest among staff. Will let you know how we get on. Perhaps get you up to Knowsley for an ‘author’ event! Best wishes, Frank


    • Hi Frank, thanks for getting in touch. Would love to hear how ‘Two for Joy’ gets on, and am always up for author events! All the best, Helen


  3. Hi I really love two for joy especially as it is set in the place I grew up – wanstead I even drank in the cuckfield as a teenager and then further on u mention a Matthew edgington which was my maiden name!! A bizzare coincidence or did u find some reference to the surname in and around the area? If a coincidence it is certainly comforting returning to long forgotten places
    Tracey x


  4. Hi helen i went to school with you, very proud to have known you, congratulations on writing your books.
    I will surely be reading them! Well done! Best wishes.


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