A year of books

Back in 2016, my instagram feed filled with people aiming to read 52 books in a year.

As someone who’s only superpower is reading fast, I realised I’d found the first one of these challenges I could actually do. (remember that one about sitting in an ice bucket. That so wasn’t me…).

I did worry, momentarily, that bringing up two small children meant that while my self-identity was as a prolific reader, what I actually did was grab ten minutes at bedtime before falling asleep with the book on the duvet.

But I gave it a go – and made it! So here’s my full list 2016 books…

If you’re planning a similar exercise, I would – of course – recommend you start out with A THOROUGHLY MODERN MARRIAGE

My January Books

January books

My February Books

Feb books

My March Books

March books

My April Books

April books

My May Books

may books

My June Books

June books

My July and August Books

summer books

My September Books


My October Books


My November Books


My December Books