I had some lovely reviews for TWO FOR JOY and TO HAVE AND TO HOLD. Many thanks to the reviewers concerned for their interest and enthusiasm! Do post your own reviews to Amazon as well!

To Have and to Hold

To Have

“…an author whom I believe is a star of the future. She is very astute and has her finger firmly on the modern marriage/relationship button.”

Read the full review here.

The Daily Mail

“This feels like grown-up chick-lit, dealing with substantial concepts, believable, fallible characters and shot through with emotionally intelligent analysis of three very different marriages…This is brilliantly written.”

For full review see here.

Becca’s Book Blog

“It’s safe to say that Helen has created within her book a whirlwind of emotions, drama and upheaval. I loved it. Every single page had me chewing my lip in anticipation as to what was going to happen next.”

The Bookbag

“It’s a good story but I’ll confess to finding the parts which involved Phoebe the most compelling. She seemed very real and I’d love to hear more about how she gets on.”

Read the full review here.

Two For Joy

Chloe’s Chick Lit Reviews

For a debut novel, this was brilliant, and I really did enjoy every page, I didn’t want to put it down! Chandler is an exciting new voice in women’s fiction, and this debut makes me very excited for what else she has to come. I hope you enjoy Two For Joy as much as I did, it was fantastic!”

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Laura’s Book Reviews

“The writing was funny and sharp and I found myself storming through this book as each chapter made me want to keep reading.”

Rea Book Reviews

“This is a touching, romantic read that follows a very complicated and troubled relationship. What a fantastic debut, I’m looking forward to her next release.”
Chick Lit Club
“The writing keeps you on edge and has you wanting to read more and more and more! Helen is definitely an author to watch out for”
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One More Page

” Chandler’s debut novel Two for Joy is released today and what an absolute treat it is! Charting the complicated love lives of best friends Toby and Julia, Two for Joy is an original, funny and heart warming story of true love, parenthood and just how complicated life can be. I love the way Helen Chandler writes and right from the start was drawn in by her down to earth, honest and funny narrative.”

Handwritten Girl

“Two For Joy’ is a wonderfully written debut from Helen. Written in a lovely laid back style that quickly absorbs the readers attention and provides witty, warmhearted reading, with regular giggles and loads of fun, the story explores the complexity of relationships, misunderstandings and drama of first babies and second chances.”

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Amazon Vine Review by MJ Saxton

“Helen Chandler has created a perfect 2013 story…one of the most excellent books I have read”

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Amazon Vine Review by Adam Bartleby

“Helen Chandler is an exciting new talent to the chick lit scene. Her debut novel is everything that the perfect chick lit novel should be – funny, intelligent, warm, romantic, with believable characters and an absolutely stomping plot. Read and love it now.”

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The Mirror on Sunday

“An enjoyable romantic comedy with some entertaining twists.”

The Daily Mail

“It’s a page-turner that keeps you gripped to the end.”

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