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To Have coverMy second novel To Have and to Hold was published on 19 June 2014. It’s a story about love, marriage, friendship, bad decisions and second chances. Lots of romantic fiction ends with a wedding, To Have and to Hold explores what happens after the happy ever after.

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From the outside, Ella has the blissful marriage, the gorgeous kids and the lovely home – but inside, she can’t help thinking that she might want something more. Then a chance meeting with an old flame stirs up feelings from the past. Giving in to temptation could land her in serious trouble…

Her best friend Imogen’s relationship with her partner Pete was once fun and carefree, but since the birth of their daughter Indigo, everything seems to have turned sour. Then an accident provides the catalyst for a life-changing decision…

Fifteen-year-old Phoebe is miserable, teased because of her weight by her peers at school and criticised by her mum at home. And now her dad, her biggest ally, seems distracted by something – or someone. Maybe it’s time Phoebe took a stand, and took control of her own life.

As Ella, Imogen and Phoebe contemplate taking the biggest risks of their lives, marriages, families and friendships hang in the balance. Should they take the leap, and potentially find life-changing happiness, or will they risk losing everything?

Two For JoyMy first novel, Two for Joy was published on 6 June 2013. When I started writing Two for Joy in 2011 it wasn’t with much expectation that it would ever be published, but I desperately needed to carve out some  creative time for myself out of the hurly burly of being a fulltime mum to an adorable but demanding two year old. My mother-in-law generously agreed to look after my daughter one afternoon a week, and that became my writing time. I hugely enjoyed the process of creating the kind of book which I would like to read myself.


Finally I plucked up the courage to show a few chapters to my mother-in-law, whose day job is running a Literary Agency. She liked it, thought it might be publishable, and said that she would like to represent me. I finished the first draft, and tentatively gave it to some friends to read. They liked it too, and I started to allow myself a small spark of hope that one day it might be published. The first half of 2012 involved a lot of re-writing and polishing, then last summer we decided it was good enough for my mother-in-law, sorry, my agent to begin pitching it to publishers. There were a couple of turndowns – it seemed some publishing houses were only in the market for erotica at that point. Then, in September, the most exciting day of my life – an offer from Hodder and Stoughton!

Two for Joy tells the story of Julia and Toby, who have been friends for years, but apart from a couple of drunken snogs in their university days, there’s never been anything more than friendship between them. It’s only when Toby goes through a dramatic break up with his gorgeous ballerina girlfriend Ruby, that he and Julia realise they’re meant to be together.

Then Ruby drops a bombshell – she’s pregnant – and though he feels torn in two, Toby decides he has to give their relationship another chance.

Heartbroken Julia is left to lick her wounds in her little Walthamstow home, thinking she has lost Toby forever. But things soon become much more complicated . . .




  1. Congratulations on the book! We all need something that is just for us – our own mental ‘space’. Thank you for following my blog. I look forward to visiting your blog and hear the process of your book. Tessa


  2. Thrilled about your book Helen. Have pre ordered it and can’t wait!
    When can we expect the next one?
    Soon please!


  3. Hi Helen. I loved your book Two For Joy. It is a good read and just right for some light entertainment while on holiday. I do wish you well for the future. I think you write engaging prose and look forward to reading more. I would love to see you tackle something more meaty. Jane (Louise’s mum)


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