You must remember this

It makes total sense, I thought to myself, to set up a separate email address just for my blog. And with a new email account, of course there’s a new password. And everyone knows you should never write information like that down. And therein lies the explanation for four months of silence. It turns out that I didn’t have the mental capacity to remember either the email address or the password, and, funnily enough, that makes accessing your account really, really difficult.

Just for the record, I’m 31 years old, and I’d hoped that so-called senior moments would be some way away yet. I’m not sure if I’m allowed to blame baby-brain when my daughter is only three months off her fourth birthday. (As she reminds me fairly frequently. Just as well, or I’d probably forget that too.) So if I can’t blame my age or my hormones, how to explain my catastrophic memory lapses?
I can remember all of my daughter’s friends’ food fads, fancies and allergies. I can remember how my friends take their tea and coffee. I can remember what I bought for Christmas/birthday presents for all my family and friends for the last five years or so. But ask me to remember anything involving a name, a date or a number and I crumple into idiocy.
I used to have responsibility for over 40 staff, and a £15m budget, and I’m pretty sure that I wasn’t quite so useless then – I can’t have been, I would have got sacked. So maybe it is the fact that I don’t go out to work any more, and on a day-to-day basis  I’m using very different parts of my brain, leaving other parts to go AWOL. Scary thought. Hopefully doing more and more writing will help, failing that I have a horrible feeling I might have to take up Suduko.

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