She’s making a list…

Of course I’m up to my eyes in Christmas preparation, but thought I would take a little time out to blog, not least because it is a job which does involve sitting down but which doesn’t involve sellotape, and, frankly, jobs like that are gold dust at the moment.

Santa Claus’ list is an unmissable part of the Christmas fairy tale – the names of all the boys and girls, whether they’re naughty or nice (most children, in my experience, are both in equal measure), and, of course, what they want for Christmas. We’ve done that bit – Anna wrote to Father Christmas and has requested a cycle helmet with penguins on it (even though she doesn’t yet have a bike), a towel with a hood, and a train. She was worryingly non-specific on the type of train required, so we’re really hoping we manage to meet expectations on that one, but all that now remains is to actually get them into the stocking tomorrow night. Tips on how to fit the cycle helmet in, anyone?

The list which is uppermost in my mind at the moment, however, is my To Do list. It’s a work in progress, but so far looks like this:

Pre-Christmas Eve

Buy crackers

Buy brandy

Amend Sainsbury’s order (include leeks, satsumas, more milk, maple syrup, bread flour, potatoes & grapes)

Make bread to go stale for stuffing

Make bread to go stale for bread sauce

Make cranberry sauce

Buy ham, sausages and bacon

Tidy and clean studio

Bring in and clean outside table (only way we can seat the numbers expected on Boxing Day!)

Tidy and clean spare room

Make up bed in spare room

– Fix table (don’t ask)

Wrap presents

Write and post cards for neighbours

Buy cheese

Dust and hoover everywhere

Put Xmas cards up

– Return Boden dress to Post Office (Yes,  I know I’m not a Size 1o, but there was a 60% off sale and I got over-excited)

Sweep up leaves from front path

Do flower arrangements 

Clean bathroom

– Buy and fit new toilet seat (again, don’t ask)

I have to say that given it’s now only 4pm, I think it’s all going pretty well. Especially as husband is, as we speak, battling through the storm to post parcel and buy toilet seat. Plus buy ice cream and bin bags which were the other things I missed off my Sainsbury’s order. Delegation is always the key to success.

Part two deals with the jobs for tomorrow:

Christmas Eve

– Make yule log

– Make stuffing

– Ice Christmas cake

– Cook ham

– Make gratin dauphinoise

– Prep veg

– Set table

– Make bread sauce

– Collect turkey

The Christmas Day list doesn’t exist yet. That will be an extravaganza. No back of an envelope here, this will have pride of place on the chalk board in the kitchen, and every task will be accompanied by a timing. Of course it doesn’t compare with the multiple copies of the highlighted and synchronised list of minute by minute timings for bride, groom, chief bridesmaid, best man, parents of bride and groom, brother and sister-in-law which was the indispensable tool for organising my wedding day, but it’s still a tour de force.

And there are very few things as satisfying as crossing completed tasks off your list. To give myself a momentary high I have been known to write down completed tasks just so that I can immediately cross them out again.

I hope all your preparations for Christmas are going well, and that you have a relaxing and peaceful time celebrating.

Merry Christmas!


  1. Most of my jobs are now done – just kitchen floor and hoover and dust living room, dining room and hallway. Have a wonderful time xx


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