Inside my bag

I love those articles you get in magazines about what various celebrities keep in their immaculate designer handbags. Invariably they have a bottle of water, a pristine lipstick, or perhaps even whole make up bag, perhaps a tablet or magazine, maybe a healthy snack.

Just for fun I thought I would audit my own bag. Now, this bag, a canvas one I got as a birthday present from a friend a few years ago, is definitely a summer bag in my opinion, so I have only been using it for the last couple of months. Here is what has built up in the meantime:

  • My laptop and charger. They don’t live in the bag permanently, but I am working today.
  • My mobile.
  • My purse (complete with broken zip)
  • A children’s cookery book I am giving to a friend I might meet up with later
  • A bottle of sanitiser hand gel
  • A pair of cotton knickers, aged 3-4 (clean)
  • A pair of adult trainer socks (slightly grubby – used in soft play)
  • A nearly empty packet of tissues
  • A nearly empty tube of hand cream, minus lid
  • A selection of receipts (probably for totally random cafe visits, whereas the receipts I actually need to keep will be long gone)
  • A Highland Sleeper eye mask
  • A rose-gold hair clip (adult)
  • 3 sparkly hair clips (child)
  • A wooden teaspoon
  • My house keys
  • A tin of vaseline
  • 2 tinted lip balms
  • A small plastic mermaid
  • A lollipop
  • A torn off half of prescription form
  • A Clinique lipstick (Ruby Pop)
  • Two half-eaten tubes of polo mints
  • A bracelet of green plastic beads
  • 3 different cereal bars
  • A nearly finished packet of Kwells Kids travel sickness tablets
  • Some sweet wrappers
  • A used tissue
  • An old shopping list
  • A fabric shopping bag
  • A pen
  • A small fabric beanbag my friend made for my eldest daughter to use as a stress relief toy
  • My sunglasses

Glamorous or what? It’s like a particularly bizarre round of Kim’s Game. I am perversely pleased that there is a red lipstick and my laptop in there as I try and maintain my own identity amongst the party bag tat, discarded trinkets and endeavours to prevent my offspring throwing up on buses.

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