Coming soon to a bookshop near you…

two for joy invitation twoThis is going to be an extremely short post, because it is both the week before the publication of my first book,  Two for Joy, and half term, so I’m juggling lots of different balls.

Publication day is 6th June, a week tomorrow, and between now and then I have to bake and decorate 150 cupcakes and transport them to the launch party venue (a post in its own right, I suspect), liaise with my publisher over publicity materials, keep track of the guest list so that we order the correct amount of wine (probably the most important thing of all), write various articles about my writing, and give a radio interview and a newspaper interview, which makes me feel rather celeb-ish.

In my non-author life I have a small girl on holiday from nursery (in fact today was spent skiving at the seaside, digging for shells, and eating ice cream on the pier), the wedding of a good friend to attend, and all the normal cooking, cleaning, shopping jobs which haven’t shown the respect surely due to a best-selling-author-to-be, and somehow disappeared.

But despite, or perhaps because of, the busyness, it’s an extremely exciting time, and moments like taking delivery of real life copies of Two for Joy, receiving an email from one of my favourite authors, Katie Fforde, (she’s going to read my book!), and seeing my first review on Amazon, make it all more than worthwhile.


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