London calling

I have made a resolution. Over the next few months, while I have a small, portable baby who requires nothing more than my breasts and a clean nappy for a day out (well, and wipes, nappy sacks, barrier cream, a change of clothes, a spare blanket and some muslins, but you get the gist) I am going to visit somewhere different in London every week. And the places I choose are going to be places want to go to, for me, and not because they are particularly interesting to children.

In six months time Sophia will be eating proper food, and crawling, and desperate to interact with the new world she’s discovering, We’ll still go places, and it will still be fun, but in addition to the kit mentioned above we’ll also have snacks, beakers, toys and books to contend with, as well as (hopefully) a slightly more fixed routine regarding nap times, which can be somewhat limiting. And I’ll go places for her benefit – play groups, toy library, rhyme time, soft play. I enjoyed taking Anna to museums, and am sure I’ll do the same with Sophia, but it is only very recently that I’ve actually managed to look at any of the exhibits myself rather than being incarcerated in the (brilliant and stimulating) under-fives areas.

So far my list of must-dos includes the Imperial War Museum, the V&A, walking on Hampstead Heath, the South Bank, the National Portrait Gallery, Borough Market, the Geffrye Museum, Brick Lane and a meander through some of central London’s beautiful parks. But it’s my mission to discover more.

The problem with having a new baby is that they fill your world and your mind entirely. And any space I have spare is dedicated to Anna – her social life, phonics, reading books, maths homework, healthy food, reply slips for school trips etc. That’s all good, and I do love immersing myself in baby world, but as I am hopefully retaining enough self-awareness to realise that not everyone finds my baby as intricately fascinating as I do, it doesn’t leave me much to blog about. Or, indeed, talk about when I chance upon another adult. I’m excepting my husband from this. He seems just as happy to spend hours cooing over Sophia’s eyelashes/toes/ears as I do.

So there we go. I will get out into the big wide world, see interesting things and blog about them. Do let me know what would be on your list.


    • I haven’t done it yet, Chiswick Mum – you know what they say about good intentions! But I would really like to make the most of this window if I can. x


  1. This sounds a great idea. London has so many wonderful places to visit, I imagine you will have many interesting outings. Enjoy x


  2. The Transport Museum would definitely be on my list, as would the Handel House Museum – though maybe you’ve already done former given your husband’s predilection for train timetables? x


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