Selfish Mother

I recently discovered a fantastic blogzine called Selfish Mother. It’s a collection of blog posts from cool, clever, funny, interesting, inspirational women who happen also to have given birth. The posts frequently, but not exclusively, focus on some aspect of motherhood – often those dilemmas which are close to my own heart of how best to balance being the best possible parent whilst also retaining a sense of self and a place in the world which isn’t just “Anna and Sophia’s mummy” – even if that will always be my most important role.

maman_grey_scoop_sweat_with_red_grandeThey also have an on-line shop selling super-cool sweatshirts and t-shirts with ‘Mother’ or ‘Maman’ slogans which raise money for various women’s charities. I love ethical fashion which gives me an excuse to buy more clothes in a  good cause, and I adore my cosy yet stylish Maman sweatshirt.

For a while I was a lurker; I read, but lacked the confidence to contribute. A friend who also follows Selfish Mother encouraged me to post, and so I have dipped my toe in the water, and yesterday published this article about where my time disappears to. I hope you enjoy!

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